What People Are Saying About Alison

“She is very personable. She has a strength of asking people about themselves that shows she’s sincerely interested. Ali is brave, honest and doesn’t take
herself too seriously.”
Desne Holland

Makeup Artist

“When she’s in a room of people, she takes initiative to reach out and find areas of connection. Ali makes people feel welcome and even delighted in.”
Rachael Knox


“Alison has a thirst for learning and teaching. She’s adventurous and curious. She’s compassionate to people and animals from all walks of life and of all ages.”
Jena Hollensteiner Armistead


“Ali is adaptive, perseveres and makes people feel immediately at ease. She’s physically very strong and sees things differently than most.”
Charisse Duchardt

Artist/Owner Chill Clothing

“Ali sees the good in those around her and keeps a positive attitude.”
Ron Moody


“Alison remains calm under calamity, chaos and pressure. She has a beautiful, quiet strength about her that can be very influential.”
Kristen Roath

Friend of 44 years

“Ali is artistic, intuitive and courageous about stepping out of her comfort zone.”
Peter Erickson


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