Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for reaching out. In order to help us communicate & promote your sales, I’ve provided some questions and answers as if we’re chatting in your office.

“What are your qualifications as a copywriter?”
“Majoring in English at Conard High School & University of Michigan prepared me to write and to think. Friends moving out of state while I was growing up also sowed a deep love for writing letters.”

“As for understanding people… I loved teaching kindergarten in Montana. They know how to live — loving stories, painting, singing, dancing. We always had a spring play to present too. Snow White, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland. Watching the kids get into character was so fun and heart warming.

During summer months I lead visitors in Glacier National Park as a ranger naturalist. Writing evening programs about grizzlies and speaking to audiences of up to 300 people. I saved some lives too… from bears, car accidents, drowning etc. Glacier can be “Deadly Beauty.”

“What kinds of assignments do you handle?”
“I’ve been trained with hard copy, direct-response letter writing and online promotional writing: editorial, content, script writing, on-line ads, lead-gen… I’m happy to provide the type of service you want to use. It’s your choice.”
“Do you offer consulting services?”
“I offer a free initial 1/2 hour consultation service.”
“What is the investment price for your writing services?”
“I’ve included a Services & Investment page with prices in this packet. They’re estimations, depending on the length and breadth of what you want. There won’t be any surprises though. We will agree to an investment price prior to ordering my service.”
“How long will it take to write a direct-response letter and what if we want you to revise it?”
“The duration of time is included in my Systems and Procedures section of this packet. Although, if you need a rush order, I can do my best to accommodate you. I will revise until we’re both happy with the final draft.”
“How do I order from you?”
“I invite you to call or email me. Let me know when a good time is to schedule a free half hour consultation call. I look forward to researching, learning in detail about your products and directly promoting them.

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