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Dear Friend of Fine Arts,

Museums, Galleries and Glacier are my favorite places to explore. It’s not uncommon for museum guards to funnel me out at closing time. Each painting, sculpture, and vessel of pottery or glassworks draws me into a whole new world, emotion and adventure.

And somehow, I usually attract a crowd…be it the kindergarten school play of Snow White, where relatives and friends flocked to the school gym to watch their stars…

Glacier National Park’s evening program about the Grizzlies of Glacier… The Wadsworth Atheneum for the Fine Art and Flowers event…

If you’d like to attract more people, energy and appreciation to your world of art then I’d be happy to discuss ideas with you so that I can help serve your goals.

Water color painting time was a priority for my kindergartners. I love teaching the alphabet and stories but the time for the children to create…a magical spell of peace fell over the room.

My goal is to further artisanship for artists from the past and for artists in the future, my niece included.

My website says I have a green thumb with gardening and persuasive writing. My husband only grew 70 pound giant pumpkins before he met me. Now we grow 500 pound pumpkins. Flowers and veggies were all I grew before meeting him.

Professor Rubadeau handed my final persuasive writing paper back with an A+. He told me, “I never give an A+.” I should also mention that my first paper was returned with, “not the assignment.”

Kristen… friends of 44 out of our 46 years, have stayed close through letter writing. She lives by the Pacific. I live by the Atlantic.

I’ve always loved writing, art, nature and adventure.

Visiting museums, and hiking in Europe, Asia & The Americas, sleeping in tents…
Singing in the choir in a Cathedral in Germany…I was inspired.

Grant, born in October –on his third day of kindergarten asked me, (also his first verbal communication since school started)

“Who are you?”

“I’m your teacher.”

“That’s what you do….who are you really?”

Seven years later. Now I know. I’m a writer.

Grant gave me his bold, fingers spread wide, hand print on blue paint with a green back ground for Christmas.

“Save this,” he instructed.

His hand print is displayed beautifully on my office wall.

Now, I look forward to getting to know you and your artwork.

Sincerely, Alison Downey

P.S. 3% of your investment will go to Hanna’s Dream Foundation…providing art supplies to children around the world. Hanna, a dear student, started the foundation when she was six years old.

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American Writer’s & Artists Inc. - Delray, Florida

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Conard High School - West Hartford, Connecticut

Solo Choir Performed in Europe, All State Diver & Gymnast,
Captain State Champ Gymnastics Team – Dance Lori in Oklahoma Play

Explorer/Trekking: Asia, Europe, North & South America

Studying Art / Hiking and Climbing Mountains / Learning About Cultures

Hartland Historical Society - Hartland, CT

Discover, Procure & Preserve Historical Facts for Hartland, CT

Tenured Teacher in two schools - Fortine & Kalispell, MT

Teaching Students that they’re: “Smart, Kind and Important”

Second Congregational Church of Hartland - West Hartland, CT

Serving God’s children through God’s Mercy & Grace

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“She is very personable. She has a strength of asking people about themselves that shows she’s sincerely interested. Ali is brave, honest and doesn’t take
herself too seriously.”

Desne Holland

Makeup Artist

“Alison has a thirst for learning and teaching. She’s adventurous and curious. She’s compassionate to people and animals from all walks of life and of all ages.”

Jena Hollensteiner Armistead


“Ali sees the good in those around her and keeps a positive attitude.”

Ron Moody


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